Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Des musees et un panache

Today was our first "tour" with Robert Clark, the professor from K-State leading the trip. We visited a few great museums and walked for 5 hours! We went from amazing churches to fabulous museums all day! Life is rough, let me tell you!

Dr. Clark also introduced us all to our new favorite drink- Panache. It is beer and lemonade mixed together and is great after walking for hours. A few students are enjoying the age-18 drinking age and I am looking forward to being 21 in two days!

I posted more pictures of our excursion on the link to the right. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


1st Parental Unit said...

Sounds delicious. Why don't you wait until you're 22?

Emily said...

Well, I could...but who knows if I don't get to come back to Paris for a long time??

ImageSpecialist said...

Cool photos! The school does look interesting. But I'm sorry to say ... you really don't make a very good gargoyle! ;)

dreama said...

Any plans to celebrate the big 21??