Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Loire Valley!

There are 300 Chateaus in just over 100 km in the Loire Valley and we visited all of them! Just kidding- we actually only visited four, but they were all beautiful! I have maxed out my flickr account for this month, so there are about 7 new ones on the flickr link and a few posted to the right on this blog. We did a wine tasting Saturday night at a 5th generation wine vineyard. The wine was absolutely fantastic- we tried rouge, rose and blanc. What a fun night! 

The Chateau de Villandry was my favorite with Chmenceau coming in a close second. Both castles had huge moats and you could take a boat ride along the river. 

I can't believe I am down to my last 4 days in Paris. If I wasn't going to Italy and then coming back to France, I think I would be spending my last few days in tears! :-) I have to say, Paris is not completely my cup of tea - too much pollution for me - but as soon as you travel a little outside of the city, it is amazing.   Also, while I didn't get to see the end of the Tour de France, I definitely heard about it and saw pictures! Even French people who aren't into cycling follow the tour and there is an update on the news every single night of who is in the lead and who is in the yellow jersey. Very exciting!

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