Thursday, July 10, 2008

Le Tour d'Eiffel

Yesterday night we took a trip to the TOP of the Eiffel Tower! What an experience! There are a few different levels you can stop at- two have restaurants- and the view is absolutely spectacular! The elevators at the beginning take you up at an angle, which is a very strange experience.  

There are pictures on the flickr link of the view from the top as well as the tower at night. 

This weekend is Bastille Day in France! And they start celebrating early! There is a military parade and fireworks Monday but partying all weekend. It was actually recommended to us to completely avoid the Bastille area (there is a specific area called "Bastille") altogether this weekend.  I'll keep you posted on the festivities! 


ImageSpecialist said...

Bet that was an awesome moment! Just read a USAToday article about $267 million in upgrades planned for the Eiffel Tower. Seems a lot hasn't been changed since it was built in 1889 ... except visitors now total 7 million a year vs. 500,000!

It will be interesting to hear how Bastille Day festivities compare to Fourth celebrations here.

1st Parental Unit said...

Those are really cool pictures of the Eyeful Tower. You're so lucky to get to go up to the top. When we tried to do that last time, it was too windy.