Monday, July 21, 2008

The Paris Opera

The Paris Opera House, the most important building built during Napoleon III's reign, is absolutely unreal. We all agreed that it is more beautiful on the inside then the Versailles palace and more ornate then most churches we have seen. Also, for Phantom of the Opera fans, it is the setting of the book!  We took pictures in front of "haunted" box number 5 and looked down from high balcony to the stage. Although you are not allowed to tour the area underneath the stage, it was built exactly like it is portrayed in the movie and book; with layer upon layer of passageways, hidden rooms and even the lake all underground. 

The most impressive features of the Opera House are the stairways. There are probably 10 colored marble stairways where people would enter and exit the House. Also, there is an indoor "driveway" so the Emperor could literally drive his carriage inside the Opera House, walk a few feet to his private rooms and opera box and enjoy the show! It was one of my favorite buildings I have visited so far!

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