Friday, July 4, 2008

An amazing birthday!

I can't imagine a better place to celebrate your 21st birthday (or any birthday) than in Paris! The entire K-State group met at the canal for an outdoor celebration and a super fun night. Everybody went out of their way (literally, the metero is a long trip) and made my 21st a night to remember!

Also, Mme. Dugan made a wonderful French dinner- les endives avec jambon et creamerie. Or...stewed endives with thinly sliced ham and a cream sauce. For dessert, she bought her favorite pistachio and apricot tarte and we had champagne. It was so incredibly sweet for her to celebrate my birthday with me and Jenn!

Speaking of Mme. Dugan, we have had some wonderful discussions. We only speak in French together and we have discussed religion, American politics, Barak Obama's campaign, French literature, American literature, the movie the Passion of the Christ, traveling internationally and much more.  She is a fascinating person to talk to and it really expands my vocab to chat with her. 

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