Thursday, July 17, 2008

Notre Dame and the Buddha Bar

Bonjour! I have a couple fun updates on our activities in Paris! Yesterday, the K-State group went to St. Chapel which has the most amazing stain-glass windows I have ever seen. There are windows 360 degrees and the figures in the glass tell the story from Genesis to Revelations- it was spectacular! 

Then we went to Notre Dame. It was the most elaborate architecture I have seen yet on the trip- carvings in the stone and tall towers with lots of gargoyles. It was very easy to see why Hugo chose the church as the setting for The Hunchback. The entrance to the chapel (which still holds mass every week) has a depiction of the Eglisia and the Synegogia (Church and Synagogue) with the eyes of the goddess Synegogia covered as in the eyes of the church, the Jewish faith doesn't "see the light". Then there is a carving of Jesus in the last judgement above the door statues of those going to hell on his left and those going to heaven on his right. All the representations are so moving and it is (despite all the tourists) a very moving place.

Last night we celebrated another birthday! Carolyn turned 20 and we celebrated at the Buddha Bar, a very very upscale Asian restaurant, with a group of 11 girls. So much fun! We then went to Le Toile (a night club RIGHT next to the Arc de Triumph) to buy her a birthday drink.  

Check out pictures on the flickr link of the Eiffel Tower on Bastille day, the Buddha Bar and Notre Dame!


1st Parental Unit said...

What kind of people were on Jesus' left. I'll bet they were the people who celebrated by drinking in bars - right?

Emily said...

Nah- those people are the chosen ones!