Friday, June 27, 2008


I made it safe and sound with LOTS of jet lag to Paris! My flight landed at 6:30 (am, that is) and I went to the Study Abroad Office on Rue des Plantes. Everything looks EXACTLY like you see it in the movies- I drove under the Eiffel Tower on my way to the office this morning! PS- Never drive in Paris. It is the worst driving I have ever seen. There are motorcycles swerving everywhere and each car is going exactly where they want, when they want!


1st Parental Unit said...

This may be the only time you are happy to be too young to rent a car.

ImageSpecialist said...

Just think of the driving as part of a movie set too ... say "The Italian Job"! ;)

Emily said...

So true- wouldn't want to be responsible for killing a motorcycle driver who swerved in front of me!

Driving under the Tower was like being in a movie set!