Monday, June 30, 2008

Le Jardins du Luxembourg et un bus

Today was our first day at le Catho- the school in Paris we will be attending. There is a picture on the link of the building, which does not look like any school I have ever seen! We had lunch in the Luxembourg Gardens and then went on a tour of every major site in Paris- from Les Invalides to le Tour d'Eiffel. Tonight, we  are going to relax and get ready to take our placement test tomorrow.

Also, it was the first time we met the other K-Staters today! They are all so nice! Very very different levels of French. From NONE to quite a bit. Everyone is there to learn and have a great time so it's a good group. 

Check out the cool new pictures on the flickr link!

PS- French food is just great! Our host mother is a great cook- tonight we had mushrooms, a great salad and semi-fried eggs. Everything was great and everything comes with bread! :-)

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