Saturday, June 28, 2008

A lot of sleep

After sleeping 12 hours last night to get rid of jet lag, I am ready to go today! Yesterday, I took the metero with my suitcase from the ISA Office to my host family. I carried my things up at least 7 flights of stairs! Now, I'm unpacked and the only thing that is still tired is my brain-from thinking about my French! Mme. Dugan has discovered I don't need to speak English, so we don't. It is really helping my language skills, but can be kind of tiring! 
Jenn gets here today and I told her to take a taxi- she has two more bags than I did!


Cassandra said...

Just wait until you start dreaming in French. My philosophical thought on my abroad experience was that my brain was like a sponge: I was so eager to learn anything and everything, but once I started dreaming in French, my sponge was soaked! Then I HAD to speak in English because my French was just horrible.

P.S: Je suis triste que je n'aie pas vu que vous avant vous êtes partie! J'espère que vous avez un temps absolument étonnant en France! Et si vous devez parler à quelqu'un en anglais, j'ai le skype!

Bonne chance,

P.P.S: I hope my French wasn't too horrible. It's only been half a decade *yikes!* since I've used it! Love you!

Emily said...

C'etait bon francais! Merci beaucoup! Quand je retourns, il faut que nous avons diner ou dejeuner ensemble!