Sunday, June 29, 2008

Faire du shopping!

Today Jenn and I walked and shopped for EIGHT HOURS! It was fantastique and we are here in perfect time because every single Paris store has sales of at least 50 % off. I bought some Parisian shoes and Jenn bought a new purse! We also had our first Croque Monsieur- a very traditional French sandwich with ham inside and cheese toasted on the outside. 

Jenn got here last night after being robbed, lost on the metero and had to throw away over $1000 (70 pounds of weight) of luggage. To make a long story short, when I found her wondering with a British couple, she was VERY happy to see me!


1st Parental Unit said...

Eight hours of shopping? Some of us would say that's the same as being robbed. I trust she is ok.

Emily said...

She is okay now! And I have to admit, some of the 8 hours was spent incredibly lost- but we sure weren't complaining! It's easy because you can get on any metero and find your way back!